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Optometry equipment

  • Bluetooth wireless connection with tablets and other devices
  • Lens switching with high speed and low noise
  • Operation interface with easy-to-operate layout
  • Abundant online multi-functions
  • Elegant & Exquisite workermanship
  • Equipped with split prism

Optometry equipment

  • Phoropter is a common name for an ophthalmic testing device, also called a refractor.
  • Phoropter is used for subjective refraction by professional by properly trained personnel, physicians or opticians.
  • Ophthalmic equipment

    ● The microscope’s rays path is parallel way, Galileo style which has large view;
    ● All optics lens adopts high quality material to keep its high definition and brightness;
    ● All the lens have been tested by multi-layer reflection, moist and mildew, it can keep high optics effect all the time;
    ● Light resource adopts high quality Halogen bulb, which can keep brightness and equality

    Digital imaging solution

    High definition & Compact body
    High Resolution Image
    True Color Reproduction
    Exceptional low light level Performance

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